For Medical Emergencies- please call 911

Do NOT use the portal for communication.

Log in to My Health Connection HERE.

We are pleased to announce the introduction of online patient services through the UC Health EPIC website. Once you register, you will have electronic access to our practice and be able to:

  • Message your physician or the practice manager (non-urgent clinical questions only)
  • Access your medical records
  • See any past or upcoming appointments

Click Here for instructions on how to link your child’s account to My Health Connection.


Why use the Patient Portal?

You can access your child’s medical information at any time.  You can also message the practice- for non-urgent matters only.

Why use the Patient Portal to communicate with Pediatrics of Steamboat?

Portal communications are fast, convenient and efficient.

What types of communication are appropriate for the portal?

Non-urgent medical follow up (including some types of test results)

Non-urgent medical correspondence

Billing/insurance questions

Subjects NEVER appropriate for the portal include:

  • Urgent medical problems or emergencies
  • Mental health issues
  • Drug and alcohol problems
  • HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases
  • Work-related injuries and disability

How are messages delivered through the portal?

When something is added to your portal, you will receive an email that tells you that you have a message in the portal.  The email message will not contain any confidential information.